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MUSIC AMOY, A Big Shot in Music Industry

Author:小编,Post Time:2016/7/13 14:55:03

Music Amoy, a new program running by Xiamen Jinhongxin Exhibition Co., Ltd, and Xiamen Daily Press, will surly leads the new trend in music industry.

Featuring on education and cultural creativity, Music Amoy aims to establish a platform for music lovers to share and communicate. As a music-loving city, Xiamen has cultivated a large number of famous musicians all over the world and with a long history of music. Music and art has become a new development core of cultural industry in Xiamen.



Finding Good Musical

Music Amoy intends to build a platform for audience to experience special, outstanding, creative instruments going around the industrial parks exploring world selective "Good Musical".


Music Education
Music education developed rapidly with great market potential nowadays. Music Amoy sets up Music Education Area, gathering high quality brands of music education. It aims to create a first-class platform for the exchange and development of music education, including formative education, international music education forum, musician lectures, etc.


Cultural and Creative
Music Amoy focuses on displaying music related cultural and creative industry with open invitations to brands from mainland China, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, etc. Music Amoy will host numerous events aiming at enhancing the culture exchange across the Taiwan Strait and Southeast Asia.